Tuition and Fee Schedules

Super Novas (2 year olds)

2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR







*Tuition payment covers all school days in the current month regardless when the child is in attendance. There is NO CREDIT for Holiday / Vacations / Early Dismissal / Teacher In-Service Days/ Absences / and Classroom Closures.


early care
7:00 - 8:15

8:15 - 12:15

afternoon care
12:15 - 3:00

snack and enrichment program
3:00 - 5:40

5 Days (M -F)





3 Days
(m / w/ f)





2 Days (t / th)





Miscellaneous Fees


Insufficient fees


tuition late payment


late pick-up fee

flat rate $25.00 the first 5 minutes late, then $2.00 per minute after.

multiple late pickups

time may be reduced and/or enrollment can be terminated.

what i learn from...


Social Development

Group activities to encourage interaction, sharing, and listening skills. Model how to express emotions.

cognitive development

Provide opportunities to identify basic colors and shapes. Use storytelling, music, and art to teach and keep children engaged.

Language development

Provide practice naming familiar items and support rich vocabulary development. Using word activities to help your child in responding, asking questions, and followng simple directions.

spiritual development

Share Bible stories, teach about God's love, sing songs, and learn to pray. Focus on developing character by being kind, loving, gentle,forgiving, and helpful.

Physical Development

Promote self-care skills such as feeding, cleaning, and dressing Support large-motor development and eye-hand coordination through variety of activities such as kicking ball, tossing, drawing, and lacing.

Withdrawal: The Preschool office must be notified in writing at least ten working days prior to the withdrawal date. All charges are to be paid by the final withdrawal date. Should you withdraw without notifying the office, your account will be charged for the two weeks. Remaining balances will be processed by PKCP.

Our two year old program does not offer a hot lunch program, so we kindly ask that you provide your child with a cold lunch. Two year olds can be picky eaters, and they may prefer the food choices from home. Additionally, they often need to eat earlier than the scheduled hot lunch time. Thank you for your understanding.